But Who is Tex

Baptized in the Trinity River and raised in the piney woods of East Texas, Tex is the consummate mythical male Texan.  His roots are firmly planted in the sandy loam, coveted by the likes of J. Frank Dobie, John Henry Faulk, and Larry McMurtry.  You might even call him the “Ditto-head Antonym,” of Molly Ivins!


The original Midkiff pioneers left Tennessee by wagon train settling in what is now, Texas in 1823.  It was Mexico at the time, so his great great great grandfather, Isaac Jessie, had to swear allegiance to the Mexican Government and profess to be Catholic.  The family vigorously held onto their little piece of land nicknamed, Sand Hill, surviving Indian raids, cholera, and invasion by Santa Anna.  In 1836, they became the first Texans.  He is proud of this heritage, regularly claims minority status as “Hispanic,” on any fedral guvment paperwork and indicates “Texan,” where it calls for nationality.


Tex is an educated man, by most standards, failing sometimes to admit it, unless directly cornered.  He has a B. S. degree in Criminal Justice, from Sam Houston State University, graduating cum laude, but often complains, “It should be called Victim’s Justice.  The criminals get too much justice now.”


He also knows something about the Justice System having worked for the Texas Department of Corrections (prison) for six years prior to the landmark decision in Ruiz vs. Estelle.  “You know there’s something wrong, when they have to think up all kinds of fancy names for prison, instead of just simply calling it a prison.  Texas had one of the best prisons in the nation ’til one fedral judge screwed it up.”


He can even claim to have six initials behind his name.  Having been a Vice President of a security firm, during a twenty-five year career, he is both a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).


Tex is published – – his best work appearing in the pages of BassMaster Magazine.  He has written three books, divorce made SIMPLE (In 100 Difficult and Very Expensive Lessons), Some People Call It and The Midkiffs – Early Tejas Settlers, Sons of Old Virginia.



He knows his way around the front-end of a bass boat having won and placed in several tournaments with the trophies and an occasional profit to prove it.  He’s also a pretty good poker player, having won 3rd Place at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, but he’s bought his share of schoolbooks for the children of Louisiana via casino taxes.


But most of all, his greatest accomplishment was in finding his soul mate, one Johnnie LaJuana Ferguson Midkiff.  She makes the journey worthwhile.