Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day 2009

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, at a time when uncertainty looms in many hearts, I want to salute a true patriot that gets little recognition these days, and in fact, is the object of hate and disdain that few Americans have had to endure.


That’s right, I’m talking about the man, who when the Secret Service told him he couldn’t return to Washington after 9/11, proclaimed; as only a proud baptized Texan can, “Ain’t no tin-horn terrorist gonna tell me I can’t go back to the Whitehouse!”  Thank you, George Walker Bush, for making me proud to be a Texan American; and by the way, that bride you corralled in Midland is also “true class.”  As far as I am concerned, the French and anyone else in Europe can kiss my ass!


You can agree or disagree with Dubya’s politics, but you cannot legitimately question his courage in making the most difficult decision that any President has to make – putting our young men and women in harm’s way.  It appears that many politicians and average citizens have very short memories.  However, in today’s technological omniscient historical review, every speech, press conference and off-hand comment is recorded and preserved.  Before you judge, please take a look back at the following YouTube video and see what the “greatest minds on the Left” had to say at the time.


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