1,017 Pages

1,017 Pages

When H. R. 3200, inappropriately titled, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives it weighed in at 1,017 pages.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that this conglomeration of liberal staffer-speak will end up costing the American tax-payer about $1 billion per page!

Mr. President, I know I’m not a member of the legislature, but I would like to submit a non-partisan bill to solve this growing problem.

Its one page appropriately titled:

Let’s Reform Health Care Not Grow Government Act of 2009

1.    Establish by law the American Patient’s Bill of Rights including:

  • The right of every individual to choose and own their health care insurance (herein referred to as HCI) coverage instead of HCI being controlled by the employer. 
  • The prohibition of HCI companies denying eligibility for HCI coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Limiting all HCI company’s Right to Cancel to non-payment issues only.

2.    Make HCI universally available on a national basis.

3.    Allow any organization to purchase HCI at a discount rate based on the buying power of the group.

4.    Establish a National Health Care Appeals Commission to resolve disputes between all HCI companies, health care providers and users.

5.    Allow health care providers including hospitals and practitioners to write-off unpaid charges. 

6.    Limit malpractice liability for health care workers such as doctors, nurses and technicians.

7.    Decertify all unions, across the board, in the health care industry.  (Let the marketplace dictate wages and working conditions.)

8.    Require Congress to fully fund Medicare and Medicaid on a PAYGO basis.

9.    Require American Citizenship for any type or form of government assistance.

10.  Require every employer, regardless of size, to reimburse employees a minimum of 8% of wages, non-taxable, to help defray HCI benefit costs. ♣