Election Day +1

Election Day +1

Apparently Martin Luther King, Jr. was wrong!  The new America cannot judge a person based on the content of their character, but instead, has chosen the next President of the United States based on the color of his skin and his ability to raise money and court the news media.


Do 52% of American voters feel so guilty about slavery that they would choose a liberal socialist to lead this once great nation, the land of the free, just because he is for change?


Hell, I’m for change:


I want to change every liberal Congressman and Senator in the Legislature that allowed this country to be taken over by special interest and pork-barrel spending.


I want to change and limit terms of all elected officials.


I want to change the President’s power to include line-item veto.


I want to change Barney Frank and Chris Dodd’s status from corrupt politician to Federal prisoner.


I want to change the current tax structure to a flat-tax based on real income and not disguised as a “redistribution of wealth” entitlement program.


But, I don’t want to change what the founders of our great constitution created, the “Presidency.”  They knew that every country; democracy or dictatorship, requires a strong leader to be successful.  They added in the Legislative Branch and Supreme Court to keep this leader in check, but they never intended for either of the legislative bodies to run this country or for the Supreme Court to legislate from the bench.  Tell that to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid or to the next new Justice of the Supreme Court appointed by Barack Obama.  And, don’t be surprised if it’s Hillary Clinton!


Leadership is the change we needed and the majority of Americans couldn’t see it; couldn’t see beyond their pocketbooks, couldn’t see beyond the evening news programs, and couldn’t see beyond the mask that was created by the best financed spin in modern-day politics.


So as I sit here on the morning after the election, I cannot get over the fact that the majority of Americans do not see this country as I do or believe in the principles that this country was founded on.  Have we changed?  Have we changed so much that our fathers, members of the greatest generation, would not recognize us?  I certainly don’t.