Solution: To The American Crisis

Solution: To The American Crisis

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LaJuana and I watch the political shows on Sunday morning religiously (no pun intended).  After some of my usual ranting, about guests not answering questions or addressing the real issues that are destroying our country, LaJuana turned to me and asked, “What can the regular people do?  What can we do to make a difference?”

I was about to go into one of my standard dissertations about voting when I realized that voting alone, is not enough.  We live in a world of warp-speed communication and the nation is at our finger tips.  Regular people have got to make their voice known, because when politicians are addressing the people, they aren’t talking to you and me.  Somehow, if you’ve worked hard and managed to make something for your family, you’ve become lost between the people that want the government to give them everything and the super-rich that are feeling guilty and can afford to explore their liberal confused bias.

We have developed this presentation to communicate our Solution: To The American Crisis.  Have no doubt that there is a crisis in America, but don’t be confused by what the politicians and pundits believe it is.  Spin-doctors are alive and well everywhere.