Where is Al Sharpton Now?

Where is Al Sharpton Now?

Where is Al Sharpton now?  With David Letterman making a totally uncalled for, and tasteless, joke about Sara Palin’s daughter on national television, I expected to see the Reverend Al on the morning shows the next day calling for Letterman’s resignation.   He certainly wasted no time in calling for Don Imus to be fired!

“Somewhere we must draw the line in what is tolerable in mainstream media,” Sharpton said at the time. “We cannot keep going through offending us and then apologizing and then acting like it never happened. Somewhere we’ve got to stop this.”

Just like in football, the detractors started piling on.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson immediately said his RainbowPUSH Coalition would protest outside the offices of NBC, which owns MSNBC, over the remark Imus made. 

“If he has a right to use that platform to insult and degrade then we have a moral obligation to picket NBC and to protest,” Jackson said. “If he can violate us in that platform in the name of free speech we’ll be picketing NBC in the name of free speech.”  The good Reverend went on to say that protests were being planned across the country.

Imus was initially given a two-week suspension for his comments on the Rutgers women’s basketball team, but outrage continued to grow and advertisers bolted from his CBS radio show and its MSNBC simulcast.  The show was cancelled in April 2007.

“There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society,” CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves said in announcing the decision. “That consideration has weighed most heavily on our minds as we made our decision.”

Just this past week, CBS’s Late Night with David Letterman edged past the Tonight Show in the overnight household ratings (3.4 rating/8 share vs. 2.9 rating/7 share) for the first time since O’Brien took over his show, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.

CBS, where are you now?