Business Acumen, Computer Solutions, Design, Assessment

Business Acumen, Computer Solutions, Design, Assessment

At one point during my career, I was the Compliance Officer for a $500 million international corporation, for which I oversaw inspection, regulatory and compliance issues.  I was directly responsible for managing licensing and regulation, DoD, polygraph, OSHA, drug testing, and ADA programs in all 50 states.  As this function grew over the years, its controls, processes, and procedures had not matured in an acceptable manner, resulting in ad hoc, undocumented solutions which created risk for the business.

I led an in-depth internal assessment of the level of business risk and controls processes along functional lines, involving all areas of the department.  Assignments were made to all functional staff and I held them accountable to a schedule of progress points in the assessment.

As a result of the assessment, I was tasked with leading a project to upgrade a critical department-wide software solution.  The project required knowledge and expertise beyond that held by a majority of my staff.  I worked with employees to identify their individual training needs and talked with new employees about the possibility of using this project as a developmental opportunity. I saw the project as a unique opportunity to encourage cooperation among staff members and to place our department on the cutting edge of information technology.

After the staff was trained in the complex technical concepts necessary to upgrade the system, we were able to develop and implement, through my leadership, a new database that will carry the department into the 21st century. The upgrade was completed ahead of schedule. Throughout the project, productivity and morale were high despite increased workloads.

My leadership resulted in a more sound, robust business control culture, reduced risk to the business, codified processes and procedures, enhanced awareness of critical risk areas, and the database software solution improved administrative efficiency resulting in $60k annual cost savings.