Leading People, Mentoring, Process Re-Engineering

Leading People, Mentoring, Process Re-Engineering

During one particular difficult year for the company, the CEO asked me to take over a profit center in a depressed market, with low staff morale, no bonus anticipated and in bad need of revenue growth.  I increased revenue by mentoring a tenured manager of business development, cross-trained account managers to improve versatility, addressed quality through an ISO 9000 initiative, and increased empowerment and accountability among the remaining staff.  This effort reduced overtime costs by 23%, improved account retention to 93% and lowered line personnel turn-over by 37%, enabling the new TEAM to make Super PIB Bonus, 9 out of 145 offices qualifying.

When I moved to this office, most of the staff had not received an annual performance bonus for most of the past five years.  Morale and productivity were very low, and there had been a high turnover of staff.  I immediately set out to change this situation.

I met individually with employees to talk about performance expectations and to design tailored work plans for the following fiscal year. In addition, I used these sessions to learn about employees’ interest in learning and developmental assignments, and offered my assistance as a mentor.  As a result, the Manager of Business Development showed great promise and soon became one of the company’s “Top Guns.”

I kept an open-door policy and listened closely to employees’ suggestions. As a result, the TEAM developed a remarkable “can do” attitude toward this overwhelming challenge.  In less than 6 months, under new leadership, I saw a significant improvement in morale as well as cooperation among staff members who previously had not worked well with their colleagues.  It was necessary to terminate one manager and replace him with a security officer promoted from the field, but this helped to show the TEAM my commitment to success and the benefit of replacing a non-team player.  The spirit and determination with which we worked together enabled us to meet the company’s “Profit Incentive Bonus (PIB)” goal.

As part of the rebuilding, I actively pursued a diverse workforce by hiring and promoting females and minorities to fill 40 percent of the office’s salaried positions, including two key management and one staff position.  Before I left the office, the TEAM of 10 had over 145 years of tenure with the company!