Eleven Commandments of Service

Eleven Commandments of Service


1   Perception is Reality

Ask customers what they want and give it to them.  Don’t give them what you think they want.


2   Processes — Not Glad Handing

 Simply meeting the customer and exchanging pleasantries does not fix the problems.  Processes fill in the holes and guarantee results.


 3   If You Promise the Moon, You Better Have a Spaceship

Customers expect you to perform. Exceed their expectations and make sure they know it (follow-up).


 4   Customers are Not Always Right

But, they are always the customer — bottom-line.

5   Don’t Depend On Your Quality Assurance Department

 Every employee who deals with customers must be empowered to handle complaints.

6   Perfect Performance Scorecards – Somebody’s Fooling Somebody

Encourage your customers to grade you realistically.

7   Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

If you can’t chart it, graph it or measure it; you can’t manage it.

8   No One Gets Paid What They Think They Are Worth

Pay bonuses based on performance.

9   Mother Knows Best

Show people respect. Be nice. You catch more flies with sugar than Splenda.


10   Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

Be a Xerox with successful service organizations, only do it better.

11   Somebody Actually Does the Work

 Design from the bottom up, not the top down.