New Book Coming Soon!

New Book Coming Soon!

Tex’s next book, HIDDEN HISTORY OF EAST TEXAS, will be released July 27, 2020!

This anthology starts in deep East Texas with the French explorer La Salle, travels west to Austin where George Armstrong Custer was stationed, then meanders over to Bryan, the last meeting place of Hood’s Texas Brigade, and then follows the Trinity River north to Dallas where in 1963 the world changed.

This history of East Texas introduces you to notable, but lesser-known, characters: Candace and Peter Ellis Bean, Old Rip, Jack Lummus, and Vernon Wayne Howell.  Remarkable places of interest on this journey include Buttermilk Creek, the Aurora crash site,  the Reo Palm Isle and La Grange, Texas.  All in all, this portal to the past is hotter than miss Edna’s parlor at the Chicken Ranch, sweeter than the sweet potatoes in Golden, and covers more towns than Johnny Cash’s classic hit, “I’ve Been Everywhere!” 

When people ask me, “Why do you write about East Texas history?” 

I fervently reply, “Because somewhere down the line some liberal revisionist is gonna want to change the story to fit his or her political agenda.  It ain’t gonna happen on my watch!”